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 * Parse array of directory globs and/or files, and then render the parsed data through the defined layout plugin.
 *     parseInputs(['src/*.js'], {'ignore': [], 'parser': 'dox', 'layout': 'markdown'}).then(content => {});
 * @param {Array} inputs Array of directory globs and/or files.
 * @param {Object} config Configuration object.
 * @param {String} config.ignore Array of paths to ignore.
 * @param {String} config.parser String representing the parser to be used.
 * @param {String} config.layout String representing the layout plugin to be used.
 * @return {Object} Promise
 * @public

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Bootstrap template plugin, included with doxdox

Getting Started

Install doxdox with NPM

$ npm install doxdox -g

Generate documentation

$ doxdox 'lib/**/*.js' --layout markdown --output

Read more about the different layouts available.

Using is a hosted, free to use, version of doxdox. It currently only supports GitHub repositories.

Add a badge to your GitHub

Specify a GitHub repo path to link to dynamically generated documentation.

[![Latest Documentation](](<username>/<repo>)

Or you can omit the repo path entirely and will automatically detect what repo and branch it's coming from and redirect you.

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Custom Handlebars template plugin for doxdox.


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Example template plugin for doxdox.


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Dash export plugin for doxdox.


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GitHub wiki export plugin for doxdox.


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Markdown template for skan-docs

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