electron-ipc-util (master) doxdox documentation

Communicate from any process (main or renderer) to all other processes.

# process.type()

electron-ipc-util module.

# announce(options, options.eventName, data)

Send announcement from main process to all renderer (BrowserWindow) processes


Name Types Description
options object - Parameter object
options.eventName string - Event name for the announcement.
data object - (optional) Additional data to be passed to subscribed windows

# ElectronIPCUtil()

Class ElectronIPCUtil - main process usage

# announce(options)

Send announcement to all processes.


Name Types Description
options object - Object containing 'eventName': string



A Point object.

# constructor()

ElectronIPCUtil constructor.

# ElectronIPCUtil()

Class ElectronIPCUtil - renderer process usage

# init()

Initialize the instance.