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# createGitIgnoreFile(dir, content)

Write a file .gitignore in the root of the newly created project. .gitignore available in @nestjs/schematics cannot be published to NPM (needs to be investigated).


Name Types Description
dir Relative path to the project.
content (optional) Content written in the .gitignore.


Resolves when succeeds, or rejects with any error from `fn.writeFile`.

# path()

Load the TypeScript compiler, then load the TypeScript gulpfile which simply loads all the tasks. The tasks are really inside tools/gulp/tasks.

# closeWatchers()

Using on nest build to close file watch or the build process will not end Interval like process If no action has been taken recently close watchers If action has been taken recently flag and try again

# copyPathResolve()

Helper function for returning a copy destination filename

# fragment.startsWith()

When path is escaped with "" double quotes, concatenate the property path. Reference: https://github.com/nestjs/nest-cli/issues/947

# rawFullCommand(command)


Name Types Description

# normalizeToKebabOrSnakeCase(str)


Name Types Description

# camelCase(flag)

private method

Camel-case the given flag


Name Types Description
flag String



# cleanDirs()

Cleans empty dirs

# cleanOutput()

Cleans the build output assets from the packages folders