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The official Stream-Pi website

# errorHelper()

Helps Print Errors

# exitHelper()

Prints anytime the scriot ends

# outputHelper()

Helps Print Command Output

# module.exports()

# useCountDown(totalTime)


Name Types Description
totalTime countdown length in MS

# useCountDownRef(totalTime)

Uses ref objects to store interval and timeout


Name Types Description
totalTime countdown length in MS

# useHashChange()

This is a custom hook that we have to use for any all all hash URL's. This is a very hacky solution but it works so we'll use it

# useIsClient()

This React Hook can be useful in a SSR environment to wait until be in a browser to execution some functions.

# GH()

Faux cache object

# init_count()

Initial Count prior to 1.0.0

# queryParser(query)

Function used to handle any query that needs to get information for either the server or the client repo.


Name Types Description
query - The URL query, should only ever be a single query

# ExternalObjs()

External Routes

# CP()

Cross Platform

# FOS()

Free and Open Source

# HM()

Highly Modular

# useRegexAsPath()

To be written

# initializeFontAwesome()

Sets upFontAwesome to be used in NextJS - sets autoAddCss to false - adds all of the imported icons to the app library

# capitalize(str)

Capitalizes the first letter of an input string


Name Types Description
str string to modify

# checkIfElementInView(container, element)

Checks if a container's immediate child is in our out of the overflow view


Name Types Description
container HTMLcontaining element
element element in / out of view

# chunkArray(array, chunkSize)

Takes in an array and a number to produce a new two dimmensional array. These smaller arrays have a max length equal to the input number


Name Types Description
array source array to be chunked
chunkSize the max number of elements to go in each new sub-array

# isEmpty(obj)

Takes in an object and tests to see if this object is empty. - If the object has any proprties, returns false. - If the object when stringified equals "{}", returns true


Name Types Description
obj object to test emptiness of

# prettyPrint(obj)

Utility function to replace JSON.stringify(something, null, 2)


Name Types Description

# printOutDate(dateIn)

Takes in any date like data and will transform it into a more human readable string.


Name Types Description
dateIn any date like input that dayjs can parse

# propertySet(arr, key)

Takes in an array of objects, and produces a new Set of a common object property value.


Name Types Description
arr array of objects
key string, key of object